Case Studies

Aloha Canada

For Kraft Heinz Food Service, Unilever Food Solutions, Goodman Fielder Food Service and Watties Food Services 2017 incentive program, we coordinated flights from Australia and New Zealand to Hawaii and Canada for 300 delegates.

For the three-tiered program, our job was to source accommodation across a number of locations, as well as transfers and extensions on trips for individual travellers.

As part of the trip, we also arranged activities for the large group of delegates, including helicopter and zip-line rides, bobsledding and day spas across the destinations.

On top of this, the 68 top-tiered delegates were treated to an exclusive carriage buyout on Canada’s famous Gold Leaf Carriage around the Rocky Mountaineer – all of which was organised in-house of IMG Travel.

Happy corporate travel group
Picturesque beach with boats on the sand
Happy corporate travel group
Corporate travel group on suspension bridge
Corporate travel group in front of Rocky Mountaineer train
Corporate travel group saluting on a battleship


We have continually worked with Gymstars Australia to ensure all their needs were covered when travelling abroad for multiple cheerleading competitions each year.

Over the years, we have sent groups ranging between 20 to 75 to numerous locations, where they would compete with teams from across the world.

During our time with Gymstars Australia, they have travelled to Palm Springs, Camarillo and Los Angeles, as well as Hawaii, Philadelphia and Orlando.

As part of the ongoing project, we have managed and looked after their flights, accommodation, Visa waivers and insurances, as well as coaches to transport the group to and from competition locations and activities.

Gymstars performance
Gymstars performance
Gymstars performance
Gymstars performance
Gymstars performance
Gymstars performance

MEPS Australia Trip

For Unilever Food Solutions Middle East, Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s 2017 incentive program, we managed all travel requirements for the 185 delegates who earned their place on the trip to Australia.

As part of this, we co-ordinated the delegate’s accommodation, transfers and Visa applications, as well as activities across three cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Port Douglas.

This tiered program was a difficult, but unique, project for our team, as we managed and communicated with delegates from 12 different countries, who spoke in four different languages and handled with 12 different currencies.

MEPS delegates
MEPS delegates and Glenn McGrath at cricket day
MEPS delegates enjoying AFL game
MEPS delegate snorkelling
MEPS delegates in front of helicopter
Reef diving

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